I wouldn’t spit on you

I’m gonna tell you just how much I despise you. I hate you so much that I wouldn’t even waste a drop of my precious spit on you if you were on fire! I fucking hate you! You’re a totally gross, disgusting,fucking loser. The only thing Im interested in is your money and nothing else. Even though you know I despise you, youll keep handing me your cash, and lavishing me with expensive gifts because you know you’re a pathetic, weak pig. Youre an addict, addicted to my perfect tits, cute ass and long legs and youll lose everything for me. You’ll spend every penny you have trying to get a tiny bit closer to me. Understand this though fucktard, you will NEVER get me not EVER. I hate submissive losers like you and I especially hate you. Youre going to keep paying me no matter how much debt you find yourself in and youll never be free you are a loser junkie for my perfect body and you deserve to be left broke and ruined by a perfect goddess like me. I’m going to fucking ruin you loser!

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