I’m not sure how you feel about this, so feel free to shoot it down. This is going to be much different than the last clip. I’m not sure how big you are in the industry, or how this may affect you.Is there any way you can do a Female Celebrity Humiliation? Through the use of pictures of them. My favorite idea would be for you to abuse pictures of famous celebrities , using you words, feet, and spit. Like crush them with your bare feet, spit on them, verbally humiliate them, and *crush* them with your hands, my favorite. I’d love to see you crush/humiliate Taylor Swift to name one and I’d love if you would humiliate female celebrity that YOU personally hate, or can’t stand. It would be easier for you to humiliate that woman you do not like, but I’d personally love to see Taylor reduced beneath your feet. So you would need to have access to a color printer for this to work. If you don’t have a color printer, you could use posters. I like the idea of you bringing down idols of society beneath you.

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