Blame your Lost Promotion

you were up for a big promotion at work and today is the day that you found out whether or not you got it. you have arrived home and I am asking you about about it. you let Me know that you did not get it. I get angry at you. I was really banking on this to get us out of this subdivision and on to better things. I become more angry as I let you know how I feel. you think that you’ll have to deal with blue balls for a while for this, but I think you deserve ‘black and blue’ balls. I start by virtually kneeing you in the nads. I follow with some kicks to the balls as well as some to the face. I make you continue to stand and take more ballbusting punishment while I continue to bitch at you for your lack of success. I even throw a few punches to your face as I inform you that I am leaving you.

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